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July 2012 

New -- Custom iPhone Photo Case.  This is a plastic case for your iPhone that includes a photo of your choice on the back - with an opening for the camera.  See samples at the bottom of this page.  The price is $25 plus shipping & NJ tax, but this item can't currently be ordered directly through the web site, please contact me by email for more details.

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Share your photos!

Most Skylands' photo galleries include a "share" button when you view an individual photo.  This lets you post the photo directly to your Facebook / LinkedIn page.  There is no charge for this, but the photos will include any watermark present in the gallery.  If you use and like this service, let Skylands know by "liking" the Facebook page.


You can order 8x10 or 11x14 collages in glossy or metallic format, right from the web site.  8x10 collages include 3 or 4 photos of your choice, 11x14 collages include 4 to 6 photos of your choice.  Both sizes allow you to select any plain color, pattern or any selected photo as the background, and can include any amount of text that fits the layout.  Any of the photos, including the background, can be "Skylands" photos, or photos that you provide (professional photos must include a copyright release). Some sample collages and sample background photos are available at the bottom of this page.

To order a collage, select only one of the photos you want to appear in it, click "buy photos", then choose the appropriate collage items.  Don't order more than one photo with the collage item.   After you check out, expect an email within about 24 hours that will contain all the details you'll need to provide, including the list of photos you want included.  You'll have an opportunity to review a proof of the layout before it goes to the printer.  Allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Digital Downloads

Skylands Photography now offers digital downloads.  These are small images (600 pixels on the long side) with mimimal retouching, suitable for emailing and uploading to social networks such as facebook.  A small "Skylands Photography" logo is included, but will not obscure significant elements of the photo.   When your photos are ready to be downloaded, you'll receive an email with instructions.  This normally takes 1-2 days, but occasionally may take up to one week.  If you have not received the email after 7 days, please contact Skylands Photography.

Digital Downloads are not intended to be printed.  If you have any questions on collages or downloads, please email before ordering.

New -- Aluminum Prints!

Skylands Photography now has available a unique aluminum photo print.  The process use brushed aluminum, and the texture of the material shows through the image, creating an eye catching, almost three dimensional appearance.  Aluminum prints come with a small hanger attached, and can be attractively displayed without matting or framing.  We'll have a sample at all our 2009 shows.  Currently this is only available in an 11" x 14" format, for $75. Email inquiries to the link at the bottom of the page -- this isn't available directly through the web site.

Ordering Prints

You can order 5x7 & 8x10 prints directly from the show galleries. Most photos can be enlarged to 11x14, and many can go as large as 16x20, but if you’re interested in anything larger than 8x10, please contact me via email first, to confirm that the photo is suitable for the size you want.

Minor retouching, including color correction, brightness, leveling, and removal of small distracting objects, is automatically included. Cropping is performed to match the desired print size, and to preserve the artistic appeal of the photo. If you have a specific question or request regarding cropping or retouching, please check with me prior to ordering.

Order Processing

Most orders are processed within 24 hours, but occasionally they can take as long as 7-10 days before reaching the lab. Rush orders can typically be accommodated, but you must let me know ahead of time.


The print lab that manages Skylands Photography’s web site is located in California, and that’s where the prints are shipped, not here in NJ, so especially with the First Class & Priority Mail, there’s some extra time involved getting the prints to the East Coast.

As of January, 2007, the rates for the available shipping methods, and the estimated delivery times are as follows:

3.99 USPS First Class Mail 5-10 business days
7.99 USPS Priority Mail 4-6business days
13.49 Fed Ex 2nd Day 3 business days
19.99 Fed Ex Next Day 2 business days

Prices for shipping may change without notice.

Indoor Shows

Indoor shows present some obstacles to producing high quality photos. Limited light forces the use of special camera and processing techniques, and the resulting photos can never match the clarity and color fidelity achieved in natural light situations; photos from indoor shows will typically appear "grainy" compared to natural light. Black & White or Sepia treatments are often effective with photos from indoor shows, please contact me if you're interested in this option.

Most Importantly…

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact me and let me know what I can do to resolve the problem.

Other Services

I’m available for:
  • Farm visits in Central NJ and Eastern PA
  • Ad placement
  • Retouching of your digital photos
  • Collages
Collage Samples
iPhone Case Samples

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